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I make a clip art picture of most of my models and place it on my site, for others to
use and also for myself. I use my own clipart to make nice pictures or for an intro
of one of my videos. Below are all different themes of my clipart pictures:

                Origami Flowers
                  Origami Flower Bouquets
                  Origami Animals     Origami Birds
                  Origami fantasy creatures
                  Origami Nature Stuff
                  Planes, cars, boats etc.
                  Origami Food
                  Origami boxes, baskets etc.
                  Buildings etc.
                  Origami Fashion / Clothes
                  Fashion Accessories
                  Horror-Gami and other scary stuff
                  Various Clipart Pictures

Here are a few cards which I made by using
my own origami clipart pictures:



kawaii origami candy picture

funny origami goldfish picture
kawaii origami butterfly picture