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Origami Glory of the Snow flowers
Origami flowers hair piece

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Origami is one of the most or the most popular crafts in the world. Thanks to the internet there are many instructions available for people all over the world.
In the years I practised Origami I became gradually better and better in designing my own models and have become Origami Master some years ago.

I design all kinds of models: Flowers, Animals, food, fashion, jewelry etc. I try to design everything I like in real life into an Origami model. Most papers I use are copy papers with my self-made textures, many of my printable origami papers are available on this site.

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Origami Hyacinth
Origami Hyacinth

Origami block town

Paper taxi
Newspaper Origami Skirt

Origami newspaper dolls dress

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Origami Palm Plant
Origami Cake Shop   

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Tthis is me (Joost Langeveld)

Origami Flowers



Joost Langeveld
Origami Block Town
Click on the picture or link above
to view this block town in 360

3D paper Taxi model

This Taxi is made by paper folding and
cutting. Click to view in in a 360 picture

Origami Newspaper Dress
View this fashionable Origami dress with
black belt in a 360 picture

Origami Cake Shop
360 picture of cakes, bon bons, cupcakes
and cherry cupcakes


Bonsai Origami Birch Tree