Joost Langeveld Origami Page

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              Virtual Models Gallery

    360 degrees paper TAXI model
    Paper taxi

    High Heels with Origami Studs
    High Heels with Origami Studs

    Origami Newspaper Dress with belt
    Origami newspaper dress

    Barbie Origami Wedding Dress
    Barbie Origami wedding dress

    Origami CAKE SHOP
    Origami Cake Shop

    Origami pigeon
    Origami pigeon

    Bonsai Origami Flowers
    Bonsai Origami flowers

    Origami shop/studio/museum
    Origami museum

    Castle made of Origami bricks and roofs
    Origami bricks castle

    Origami Block Town
    Origami Block Town

    Papercraft and Origami city
    Papercraft cars   

    One of my first Origami exposition rooms
    Origami flowers

    Origami pig
    Origami pig

    Origami penguins standing in real snow
    Origami penguins