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   MATERIALS WHICH I USE for my origami projects

The fun thing about origami is that you don't need much tools/equipment to make something nice.
No need to fill a room with heavy stuff and other materials which are almost impossible to move,
before you can finally start working. And almost the only trash this hobby produces is paper,
paper and paper.
So you're not stuck to one good working place, I fold on the couch sometimes and if the weather
is fine, I do it on a chair in the garden. I lay a book with hard cover on my knees which I use as
a solid folding base.

The basic things I use for origami and other paper projects

pack of standard a4 papers                                  
I design colored patterns for many of my models.
I print these
patterns on standard copy/printer paper.      
blue scissors great for paper cutting                                  
I cut these patterns out with a scissors
fast drying and very strong glue                                  
I use glue for some of my models, like the flower bouquets.
This is very strong glue and it dries real quick, I can't recommend
it to everybody, really.

transparent tape
I use tape to make large models like vases and boxes stronger.
I also use it to make models look more shiny, like candies.

modern laptop for for mobile working     good printer great for colorful pictures                                                               
I use a graphic computer programm (Corel PhotoPaint)
to design my own origami papers. I print them out with

an inkjet printer
As you can see I don't need very special things to have some crafting fun. If I know I can't use
a computer for a day, I just print some papers the day before, so I can continue making new

What things do I use for making my flowers?
I need a little more then the above for making nice arrangements

green floral wire
This is for making stronger stems. If the wire is to long for
a stem, I just bend it in half to make it shorter, so I won't have
to spend time searching for a large/strong scissors.

cute and small red and pink vases
I like using small and modern pots and vases with not to much
printing on it. This makes the flowers come out more prominent.

green floral foam block     large paperball used for inserting stems and leaves
The stems are inserted in the foam. Lately, I use a large paper
ball sometimes too, instead of the floral foam. I found out that
this works fine for smaller arrangements.

What do I use for my other models?!
I just need 1 folding paper for my animals and many other models:

REQUIRED                                                  TO MAKE THIS
origami paper for folding a cute panda                                           origami panda

REQUIRED                                                  TO MAKE THIS
origami paper for making a funny whale                                           origami whale

REQUIRED                                                  TO MAKE THIS
red origami paper for folding a strawberry                                           origami strawberries

REQUIRED                                                  TO MAKE THIS
yellow origami paper for folding a banana                                           origami banana

Colored A4-paper
Sometimes I buy colored A4-papers for my models. It doesn't have to be
expensive/special paper. I like using bright colours and most
papers with hard/bright colours aren't real expensive here.
I made these flowers with colored A4 papers:
crazy cute kawaii kirigami flowers in a pink pot    pink kawaii kirigami flowers in a paper pot

Drawing nice colorful patterns myself    
coloring pencils with real bright colours
Sometimes I use coloring pencils to make nice origami papers myself.
I draw the patterns on standard copy/printer papers.

I made this paper myself by drawing colorful circles on a white paper
and used it for folding a firebird:
Origami paper    Origami firebird

origami paper with hand drawn zebra pattern
I traced this zebra pattern from a picture I found on the internet.
I hold a white paper and the original picture against a window and
start tracing the picture.

I made the paper for this butterfly the same way:
origami butterfly

The first part of this video shows how I draw my own patterns:

And this video also shows it's not very difficult to draw nice origami patterns:

Other things I also use sometimes

pile of dollar bills  Banknotes

Banknotes can be great to use too for making nice origami models:
money folded origami zebra    money folded origami pyramid    money folded origami greek building    Origami skirt

Money folding doesn't have to be real expensive: When you are tired of
a model, just unfold it and put it in your wallet/purse again.

pack of colorful sticky note papers  POST-IT NOTES

I made these kind of models with sticky note papers:
sticky note origami daffodil   sticky note kawaii origami stars   sticky note origami bug on a large leaf   Origami baby pig
Daffodils + Leafs              Stars                                  Bug                                     Baby Pig

There are even complete books available with sticky-note-instructions,
maybe a good idea during a day at the office...

polka dot and plaid wrapping papers  WRAPPING PAPERS

Many wrapping papers have real nice colorful patterns and it's easy to fold
large models out of it. It can be difficult to cut good squares or rectangles
out of it, because the paper rolls up real easy by itself again.

I made these flowers and fireworks rockets with wrapping papers.
pink origami flowers folded from wrapping papers    origami fireworks rockets folded with wrapping papers
Wrapping papers are also great for decorations like this table skirt:
Paper table skirt


Newspaper page  NEWSPAPERS and MAGAZINES

Sometimes it's great to use newspapers for making fashion or flowers:
Newspaper dress    Newspaper flowers    Newspaper pots
Origami newspaper dress                 Newspaper Origami flowers      Newspaper Origami flower pots

The advantage of using newspapers is that it's cheap and the papers are very large.

pile of real origami papers  'REAL' ORIGAMI PAPER

Sometimes I use 'real' origami papers, I use whatever I already have, I never go
out shopping/searching for it. I made these models with real origami papers:

cute kawaii origami box     paper vase filled with bright pink origami flowers    cute kawaii origami fan
Box                                   Flowers (not the leaves)        Japanese Fans

As you can see there's not really much special required for origami, it's not a big step
to start this hobby and you don't need to spend big money to begin folding

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