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Origami dress folding
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Next to my Origami videos I also make pages with step-by-step folding instructions.
Some of these models are difficult to fold, but many are pretty easy to fold yourself.
The step-by-step pages are devided in these themes:
Origami GerberaOrigami Gift Box

Click here to see printable diagrams for easy to fold models

Flowers with 4 petals
Flowers with 3 petals
Origami Leafs, stems etc.

Origami Flowers
Origami nature models

Origami Food
Origami Dress
Origami Boxes, Vases etc.

Origami Fashion

Origami Trees

Origami Chocolate Cake

Origami Animals
Origami RabbitOrigami Chair

Origami Furniture

Origami Toys and Games

Origami Tic Tac ToeOrigami Santa Hat

Origami Planes
Origami Fighter Jet
Money Symbol

Christmas Origami models

Origami Flower Ball
Money Origami
Origami T-Rex
Origami Dinosaurs

Various Origami models
Origami Ghost

Horror Origami

Joost Langeveld
Getting rid of dust can be real time consuming, but just blowing off dust works for lots of my models ;)