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   DIAGRAMS - Origami Stems and leafs etc.
Click on a picture to see step by step instructions for the model.
Alley upwards
        explanation for a strong stem                 stem for smaller flowers                 origami leaf
        A strong stem                        A stem for small flowers      Leaf
Origami leafs used as wall decoration

origami leaf                  origami leaf                origami leaf
        Leaf                                         Leaf                                        Leaf

origami leaf                  origami leaf                diagrams for a leaf
        Leaf                                         Leaf                                         Leaf

        origami leaf                 origami leaf                 origami leaf
        Leaf                                         Leaf                                         Leaf

origami leaf                leaf of a lily                    leaf of a hydrangea
        Leaf                                        Leaf of a Lily                            Leaf of a hydrangea

        stand for a single flower                  origami sand                    leaf of a tigerlily
      Stand for flower                     Sand                                          Leaf of a Tigerlily

origami leaf                a leaf                    origami fern
        Leaf                                        Leaf                                           Fern

leaf for an origami amaryllis                a thick origami stem                    simple origami leaf
        Leaf for an Amaryllis            a Thick stem                           Leaf

pointed origami leaf                cute little origami leaf                    big origami leaf
        Pointed leaf                           Cute Pointed leaf                    Large leaf

tiny origami stem                leaf of an origami anthurium                    origami heart shaped leaf with stem
        Tiny Stem                              Leaf of an Anthurium              Heart Shaped Leaf

origami veined leaf
        Veined Leaf

Wall decoration with Origami leaves


Joost Langeveld Origami Master

Joost langeveld decorating a wall with Origami leaves

Origami leaves are great for decorating a wall in your
home, most Origami leaves are easy to fold in large numbers.

step 1:
Fold a leaf

step 2:
Attach tape to the leaf

step 3:
Tape the leaf to the wall

Walls decorated with Origami Leaves
Origami Leaves wall decoration

Closet decorated with Origami leaves

I covered this closet with Origami leaves