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Mini Origami Flowers
    HINKLER BOOK VIDEOS - Fold Mini Origami Flowers

These videos are helpfull for people who try to fold flowers of my book called:
Mini Origami Flowers
The book goes with 2 little pots and a pack of colourful origami papers to fold the
flowers, stems and leaves.

Miniature Origami Roses - Cute and tiny origami roses
Origami Roses  Origami Roses

Wild About Wildflowers - Origami primroses and cattails in a little pot
Origami wildflowers  Origami wildflowers

Blue Belladonna Flowers - These flowers are almost the same as the origami lily
Origami flowers  Origami flowers

Lily of the Valley - Cute origami lily of the valley arrangement 
Origami Lily of the Valley  Origami Lily of the Valley

Perfection in a Pot - Easy to fold flowers, but the arrangement looks very stylish
Origami tulips  Origami tulips

Birds of Paradise - Simple and stylish origami flower arrangement
Origami birds of Paradise flowers  Origami birds of Paradise flowers

Fireworks Flower - Four origami flowers in a little pot
Origami Fireworks Flower  Origami Fireworks Flower

Scarlet Anthurium - Beautiful red origami anthuriums, not easy to fold
Origami Anthurium  Origami Anthurium

Sunshine Flower - Sunny and happy looking origami flower arrangement
Origami Sunshine Flower  Origami Sunshine Flower

Fiery Tulip - One origami tulip in a little pot
            Origami Tulip  Origami tulip