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                             VARIOUS VIDEOS

There are many great origami-videos on the internet. Below are some videos other
people made and which I like very much.

Origami Challenge - Cartoon with 2 boys trying to fold the best model each

Origami Rubber Chicken Dance - Funny chickens dancing on rave music

Oriland Exhibition - This video shows a real beautiful origami castle and other great fairy-tale stuff

Get into the Fold with Origami Vegetables - TV-show with information about origami

Kamisumou - Cool animation video of fighting origami models

Action Models- Yami's Origami - Showcase of colorful and very nice origami models

Idea + Square = Origami - Robert Lang talking about designing origami-models

Origami Fireworks - Beautiful modular-origami models

Models of Eric Joisel - Eric Joisel is showing some of his origami-models

Origami Slideshow - Many pictures of the most beautiful origami-models

Origami Mobile - A mobile with origami-animals, nice!

Music Video - Music video with only things made of origami in it.

T-shirt folding - Learn how to fold a t-shirt very quick.