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           MAKE PAPER CLOTHES and FASHION   (page 2)
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Some paper clothes are so well made that it's really hard to see they are not made of the usual
materials used for making fashion. The only problem can be when it starts raining....
Below are some videos with instructions for making paper couture/fashion/dresses etc.

Dosha paper dress - Interview with artist who makes beautiful paper dresses

Packing Paper dress - Mofi and Mio make a dress out of packing paper

Toilet Paper Dresses - Fashion marketing students show their dresses out of toilet paper and other stuff

Ever After High paper dress - How to make steampunk paper doll dresses

Ever After en Monster High dresses - This video shows how to make paper dresses for your dolls

Newspaper SKIRT - how to make a skirt out of a newspaper


Paper Fashion Show - Paper and other recycled stuff is used to make these clothes

Tissue Paper Prom Dress - Make a hot pink paper prom dress

Gorgeous dresses out of Toilet Paper - Toilet Paper Dress Wipes Out Competition

Toilet paper wedding dresses - Flushing Brides at Annual Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest

Newspaper Sailor Fuku - Neonprettykitty shows her selfmade Newspaper Sailor Fuku

Tissue paper prom dress - How to Make a Tissue Paper Prom Dress plus Monster High Prom 2014

Barbie pink paper Dress - Making a real cute paper Barbie Doll dress

Monster High Doll toilet paper Dress - How to Make a Doll Dress (using toilet paper)


Papercraft Doll Dress - Make a purple tissue paper Barbie Doll Dress

Couture newspaper dress - A cool newspaper dress project with complete instructions

Newspaper DRESS - How to make a dress out of old newspapers

Fashion show with recycled materials - Dresses made of paper, plastic etc.

Cool Paper Fashion Show - Cool girls showing some real nice paper made fashion

Handmade fashion show - This fashion show also has some papercrafted girls fashion

Cute fashion Show - Fashion show with handmade fashion and a few real nice paper dresses


Making a paper Dress - How to make a paper strapless fitted dress with a boned bodice


Prom Dress made of black Paper - How to make a life sized dress using paper


Couture Newspaper Dress - Isaac Mizrahi makes a couture dress out of newspapers

Newspaper Dress (CuTe) - Making a cute newspaper dress

DCWV Paper Couture Dresses - This line of paper couture dresses are created from DCWV paper stacks


Paper girls fashion show - Fashion show with girls showing nice paper (fantasy) dresses

Paper Dress Fashion Show - Friesland College (Netherlands) - Paper fashion show 

Telephone book (paper) dress - Once you found a telephone book, you make a dress

PRETTY PAPER PARTY DRESS - Make a cool paper and tyveck dress with simple ingredients and supplies

Cute paper FASHION SHOW - Closet Swap 2012 Disney-themed paper fashion show

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