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Beachtowel dress
click here for MAIN MENU Towel Origami

You can use towels / scarfs / sarongs for making fashion too, these are some videos with
instructions for making bags, skirts and other fashion accessories out of your towels.

5 ways to wear a scarf - 5 ways to tie a scarf, shown by Michelle Phan

How to tie a Sarong
- Learn how to tie/style a Sarong in different ways

How to tie a scarf: Bow Tie - Make a classic bow out of a scarf

Curl Ease Towel - Dry your hair fast with the curl ease towel


Japanese head towel wrap - Tie a towel around your head the Japanese way

How to tie a Toga - Make a toga out of a large sheet or beach towel

Towel outfits - Spring outfits with towels in the game Tales of Berseria

Head Towel - Make a cute head towel, great for summer!

Fold a skirt of one scarf - Make a long skirt in just a few seconds


Make a dress out of a Sarong - Make a beautiful dress out of just one large scarf

A Scarf as a Skirt - Use a scarf as a mini skirt

DIY Scarf to Dress - Use a bangle to tie a scarf as a dress

Make a bag of just one scarf - How to make a bag using just one purple scarf

How to wrap your hair in a towel - Detailed instructions of how to wrap your hair in a towel

Make It A Dress Challenge - TikTok challenge for making a dress out of blankets, towels and rugs

3 ways to tie a Sarong - Tie a Sarong as a skirt, dress or jumpsuit

Beachtowel dress
click here for MAIN MENU Towel Origami