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Towel Roses
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These are videos which show you how to make nice flowers out of towels.

Towel Origami Rose - How to make a cute and sweet looking towel Origami rose

Paper towel rose balls - Make beautiful rose balls out of pink paper towels

Towel Rose - Towel shaped rose flower with white mesh wrapped wedding decoration

Towel flower basket - How to fold a flower basket by using 2 small towels and one face towel

How to make flowers with washclothes - How to make a washcloth Calla Lily

Wrap a towel around a tooth brush - How to make a rose with a towel and a tooth brush

Towel Origami Flower - Make a large flower out of one towel


Baby washcloth rose - Make a cute rose out of one small washcloth

Large towel flower - Fold a flower out of a pink towel

Small basket with flower - How to fold a flower basket using 2 hand towels or medium size towels and a wash cloth

Handdoek rozen
click here for MAIN MENU Towel Origami