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Towel cakes
  Various videos with Towel (Origami) Models
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These are videos for making towel lollipops, cakes, boats, fashion accessories
and other fun stuff.

23 DIY Towel ideas - Make animals, a jewelry holder, a bag and lots of more out of towels

Make a Towel BOW - Make a beautiful bow out of one large and one small towel

Towel Origami Cake
- Make a large towel cake in bright colors with a few towels

Towel Origami Boat - The towel Boat is folded By Using One Large And One Small Cotton Towel

Gorgeous towel Origami cakes
- Oh boy, these towel cakes look tasty! To bad, no instructions :(

Towel lollipops - Video instructions for real nice looking lollipops

Bathroom towel decorations - Three bathrooms with different towel arrangements

Towel heart - Fold a cute heart out of a red towel

Bridal towel cake
- How to make a stylish looking bridal towel cake

Christmas Lollipop - How to make a Christmas towel lollipop

World Championship Towel Animals - Caribbean Championship Towel Origami Animal Folding

DIY Cotton Tea Towel Gift Wrap - How to use tea towels as gift wraps

Wrap your cat in a towel - Wrap your pet in a towel to give his medication


Mini towel cakes - How to make chocolate cakes of small towels

Towel cake - Bridal Shower or Housewarming Towel Cake tutorial

Washcloth candy - Make cute wrapped candy out of your washclothes

Towel decoration - Use towels as decoration for your guests and family

Towel lollipop - How to make a colorful towel lollipop

Towel STRAWBERRY - Fold a strawberry out of a wet towel. If you dry it, the strawberry keeps the same shape

Folding a towel - This is how you can fold your towels neatly

Towel cupcakes - Make large puffy towel cupcakes

ASMR Towel folding - Relaxing towel folding, soft spoken

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