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                       BASIC ORIGAMI-FOLDS

Below are explanations for 3 folds which are used many times in origami.



valley-fold     Fold the piece above the red line                             The valley-fold is ready.
     to the front, by making a fold
     over this line.


     Fold the piece above the red line                             The mountain-fold is ready!
     to the back, by making a fold over
     this line.

inside reverse fold

inside reverse fold         
Inside reverse fold:
inside reverse fold

     Make a fold over the red line, over both                   The inside reverse fold is ready.
     layers of the model. Unfold this fold after           
     you made it. Then make a mountain-fold
     over the upper layer of the model 
     (see red line) and a valley-fold on the
     layer on the back. Push or pull the end
     at the arrow down while you make these
     2 folds.