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Printable Origami Mazes                                                                                                         Materials that I use
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Wedding origami Flowers                                                                                                 Origami paper patterns
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realistic origami narcissus flower

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origami rabbits

colourful origami pansies

Origami is one of my favourite hobbies for about 7 years now. In these years I noticed
I became gradually better. I like folding flowers very much; I begin with folding nice flowers,
make leaves that fit with the flowers and put them in a vase that fits the bouquet.

I also fold animals, but there are still many animals I want to design.

I mostly use copy-paper to fold with. I make the patterns for the paper myself and print them
on the copy-paper. On this site are many coloured patterns which you can print, if you like.

papercraft and origami city
                                                                                                                                                                                   Joost Langeveld Origami Page

Virtual Origami Pig

Watch this pigeon in 3D

                             Watch this city in 3D
                                       Click on the picture or link above
                                       to see a papercraft/origami town in 3d

                             Watch this pig in 3D

                                       Click on the picture or the link above
                                       to see this origami pig in 3 dimensions

                                       Watch this pigeon in 3D
                                       Click on the picture or the link above
                                       to see this pigeon in 3 dimensions

                             Watch this castle in 3D
                                       Click on the picture or the link above
                                       to see this castle in 3 dimensions

                                                         latest update: August 30, 2014

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large origami castle