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This is a collection of videos with instructions for folding some very nice napkin-models.
I've never tried napkin-folding myself, but I think most of these models are pretty easy to

Cute napkin Butterfly - Instructions for folding a real cute napkin butterfly

Napkin Folding Contest - Cool part of a contest with folding napkin models

Paper Napkin Rose - How to make a paper napkin rose flower

Fold a Clover Napkin - Instructions for making a large clover of a green napkin

Napkin Silverware Pouches - How to fold napkins into silverware pouches

Paper Napkin Wedding Dress - Yes, even some wedding dresses are made of napkins too

Fold a Baby Bootie Napkin - How to fold real cute baby booties of napkins

Fold a Ghost Napkin - How to fold a funny ghost of one napkin

Napkin Love Knot - Make a beautiful love knot of a large napkin in just a few seconds

Napkin Jelly Bag - Make a decorative jelly bag of one napkin

How to Fold a Napkin into a Heart - Cute model of a napkin heart

Napkin fold Feather - This napkin model is probably pretty difficult to make

The King of Napkin Folding - Some nice models are being folded here

Decorative Napkin Folding for Easter - Fold cute napkin-rabbits for your easter table

Napkin Dragonfly - How to fold a very nice dragonfly of a napkin

Contest with Napkin Folding - A complete show is made with napkin folding here

How to make a Napkin Leaf - Instructions for folding a beautiful napkin leaf

Napkin fold Birthday - Very simple and sweet model of a napkin heart

How to fold Formal Napkins - Very easy and elegant napkin model

Folding a Napkin Butterfly - Make a beautiful napkin-model of a butterfly

Folding a Rose from a Napkin - How to fold a pretty rose of a napkin

Exotic Napkin, the Fan - Folding a beautiful fan of one single napkin

Nice model made of a Napkin - Simple and clear instructions for folding a nice napkin-model