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           NAPKIN FOLDING - page 1
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Napking folded models are a great decoration for special dinners or
you can use napkins for making fun models like dolls or a beautiful star shape.

Napkin folded bow - Tutorial for a beautiful napkin bow

Apron dress - Make an apron dress out of one napkin

Bunny napkin - How to fold a funny bunny out of napkins

Paper napkin starburst - Make a beautiful starburst shape out of paper napkins

Napkin Rose - How to make a napkin rose

Napkin ball dress - Fold a napkin ball dress, great for Valentine's day or a wedding

Napkin dress - Tutorial for a real nice napkin dress (with cutting!)

Bow tie napkin folding - Make a bow out of just one napkin

Napkin butterfly - How to fold a napkin into a butterfly

Dancing Doll - Make a dancing doll from tissue paper

Napkin fan - How to fan a napkin

Orchid out of a napkin - How to do an orchid napkin fold

Napkin snowflake - Make a decorative snowflake out of a napkin

Elegant napkin decoration - Fold an elegant shape out of a napkin

Cute napkin bow - Make a cute bow out of one red napkin

Napkin hearts - Three ways to fold a napkin heart