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This is a collection of videos with instructions for folding flowers, birds and other
fun napkin (origami) models. Most of these models are pretty easy to fold yourself. 

Napkin Bow Tie - Make a large bow tie of a napkin

Napkin Turkey - How to fold a napkin into a turkey

Napkin Rose - Fold a cute rose out of two napkins

Napkin Kimono - Make a Damask Kimono of one napkin

Napkin T-Shirt - How to fold a napkin into a T-Shirt

Paper Napkin Flowers - How to create a paper napkin flower in two minutes with no tools necessary

Napkin Swan - How to fold a Swan of one white napkin

Napkin Scarf - Napkin Folding with Brini. Scarf it Up! The Scarf Napkin Fold

Napkin Snowflake - How to Fold a Snowflake Napkin for the Holidays

Christmas Tree Napkin Folding - Make a cute napkin Christmas Tree

Barbie Doll Dress - Dolldress on a Budget. All you need is some scissors, a napkin and a rubber band or two

Napkin Bird of Paradise - Fold a beautiful Bird of Paradise out of one blue napkin

Napkin Valentine Heart  - Nita Gill Presents - Learn how to do a heart napkin fold

Napkin Basket - How to make a cute and fancy basket out of a napkin

Bunny Napkin Fold - Fold cute bunnies of blue napkins (Easy Napkin Design)

Cute Napkin Crown - Napkin Folding with Brini. Pretty in Pink - Crown Napkin Fold!

Napkin Pyramid - Learn how to fold a napkin into a classic pyramid with the napkin folding instructions

Ice Cream Cone - This video shows you how to fold a cloth napkin into the shape of an ice cream cone

Napkin Pouch - Enhance your beautifully set table in a few minutes with this napkin fold - the Fancy Pouch

Napkin Elf Boot - How To Make An Elf Boot Napkin

Napkin Star - Fold a star shaped flower out of one paper napkin

Napkin folding from Duni: Elegant - Even the most simple napkin folding can impress your guests

9 Ways To Fold Fancy Holiday Napkins - These models are easier then you think!